Automating audio mixdown of different project mixes (with various tracks muted/unmuted)

Hi, when it comes to exporting an audio mixdown of a project, I usually have several different versions that I need to export (for example, one with vocals, and another one with vocals muted, i.e. just the instrumental version). Right now, I simply export the full version, and then mute the vocal tracks, and run another export. That’s a bit tedious - I was wondering if there’s a way to define several export scenarios (say, one with vocal tracks muted, and one without those tracks muted), and have both export jobs run at mixdown time without having to manually mute/unmute those tracks every time?


No, sorry, this is not possible. The Job queue for the export is related to the different file settings (WAV/mp3, 44.1/48kHz…)

Thank you Martin, that’s what I thought. Perhaps this would be a good #feature-request idea for the Steinberg backlog…


I believe it has been requested already. But you can add the feature-request tag to this thread.

I preemptively utilize groups and folders for just such a situation. So it’s only a few clicks for each version. Usually 5-10 minutes to export custom stems.

IMHO, setting up an automated scenario like that would be way more tedious than just planning ahead and managing it in real time.

my 2c

I think you’re right @stevont. I do the same thing right now (using groups and folders) to minimize the tedium.

But, given that these custom steps can have quite a bit of inherent complexity and uniqueness, e.g. muting certain audio parts (not just groups/tracks), turning various master bus processing on and off, trying to come up with a automation system for that is probably more trouble than it’s worth.

So, @Martin.Jirsak, I won’t pollute the #feature-request queue with this then :slight_smile: