Automating Effects changes for Pod HD500 help needed

Hi, I’ve been successful in changing patches on my Pod HD500 using Cubase LE AI Elements 8, but the Pod just doesn’t change the effects when a midi command is sent to it. The Pod is sending and receiving signal as I have even recorded effect changes from it to a MIDI track, but the Pod only responds to the patch changes, not the effects changes.

I’m not sure if I need to change any settings in the Generic Remote Settings.

Can anyone help please? :slight_smile:

Hi, I just spent the day sorting out how to get the HD tempo to sync to Cubase’s tempo. First time looking at how to control anything on the HD from Cubase.

Anyway I replicated what you show in the pic and both the controls worked fine so it is probably a setting or two somewhere that needs to be changed. Some thoughts:

You shouldn’t need to get the Generic Remote involved at all. You would need the Generic Remote if say you wanted to have foot-switches on the HD control something in Cubase. But not the other way around.

FYI the cc51 you are using does not control an effect it controls foot-switch 1 (which in turn can control HD effects). From a practical view it’s as if they are the same, but it is useful to keep in mind what is really happening. Turns out these FS controls do not work the same as most on/off MIDI enabled controls. Typically MIDI values in the range of 0-63 turn the control off & 64-127 on. Instead the HD foot-switchs ignore the value and just toggle on/off each time they get a new message. So if you start with the FS off and send this sequence of values to cc51 (0, 23, 18 and 78) it will turn the switch on and off twice. So maybe you are expecting different behavior than what is really going to happen?

Since you are able to send Program Changes it implies things are cabled correctly, but always worthwhile to double check. Also make sure that your cc51 messages are on the same MIDI channel that the HD is expecting. I set my HD to respond to cc on all channels.

If you stick a MIDI Monitor on the Track’s MIDI Inserts does it show the messages you expect?