Automating EQ - getting clicks w/ EQ on/off

Hi - I’ve got some vocals with overemphasized frequencies on some notes, and I was trying to automate an EQ to kick in at those times.

What I did was have EQ “off” on the vocal track, automate it “on” at the right time to the EQ curves I wanted, then when the vocal note was done, the EQ was automated back to “off”.

The problem is that with each EQ on/off automation, there is an audible single click. The automation itself sounds fine, just the on/off doesn’t.

Has anyone else had this happen to them? Any suggestions please for how to avoid?

I thought maybe multing the track would be an alternative/workaround, but hopefully there’s a way to stay on one track and not have to add to the complexity of the project.


I would say any time you instantaneously change the waveform, you will probably get a click or pop. One solution is to leave the EQ on but automate the parameters to MOVE (very quickly but not instantaneously) to the desired values.

Yes sir, thank you for the idea. I have confirmed that works, but it I soon realized that drawing 16 EQ parameters by hand for each note onset (4 EQ curves, each with its own frequency/gain/quality/type parameters) , and then doing that again for each EQ note offset, would make me lose my mind long before I was done.

Any other ideas to avoid clicks?


This is a guess, but maybe the click comes from the slight change in total plugin latency from enabling/disabling the EQ?
What if you bypass the EQ bands instead of automating the on/off?


Copy the track and put the modified eq on the copy and cut between the two

Thanks guys, hope to try this out this wknd, will report back.