Automating MIDI CCs

This problem is driving me crazy.

When I record CC automation, I like for it to show up in the automation lanes in the main window. For orchestral instruments (EWQL Symphonic Orchestra), I’ve set up quick controls that control MIDI CC1 and CC11, since those are the only two that I ever use. However, when I’m using Omnisphere, I need to control many more CCs, more than there are quick controls. I’ve read that I should use a generic remote for this, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to do it.

What’s cool about Omnisphere is that I can map any MIDI CC to any knob or slider in the instrument. I find that I frequently map MIDI CC82 to filter cutoff and CC83 to filter resonance. I want to be able to record automation data for these CCs and any others I map such that they show up in the automation lanes in the main window. I know that I could use quick controls, but I want to be able to control more than 8 parameters. Is there a way to do this with a generic remote? Or something else?

I’m using Cubase 6 and and an M-Audio Oxygen 61 keyboard.

I think there are a few options you could look into. What I would do, what I usually do for Massive, is create a seperate automation lane view called (in your case) “Omnisphere” and create a lane for every CC you are using and save it as a new preset. Then you can assign a key command to it and pull it up quickly. And if you want to view it quickly after recording it while you are in another preset view, have a Key command for View all automation so you can see what you have done. hope this helps…

Just to add a little clarification :wink:
If you are controlling Omnishpere’s parameters via MIDI Learn, that means that the MIDI CC#s for them are recorded in the MIDI Part itself. But Cubase does give you the option (MIDI menu>CC Automation Setup) to record these CC#s to Automation lanes (on that MIDI track) rather than inside the MIDI Part (which is what I think you were asking, yes? :wink: )

You can “extract automation from midi-data” or somethin like this…

If youre VST can use Midi-CC, you should use this:
+you can cut, copy, reveres, or lift all valius of a part at once…
+can use midi-plugins
+send to multiple parameters

  • you can recolor, rename the parts…
  • you have to open every single part to edit…
  • no real names of the VST parameters are shown…
  • if the VST don’t support Midi on this Parmaeter you have to do a Midi-Loop-Back-Workaround (user unfriendly)

    If youre using Automation:
    +Real names of the Parameter are shown.
  • can control any parameter more exactly then midi does…
    +the whole Automatio is one part/track (editing at once)
  • you are not able to cut, copy, reveres, or lift all valius of a part “at once” (no parts)
  • can’t recolor, or rename (because ther are no parts to do this…)
  • can’t use Automation-plugins
  • can’t send to multiple parameters

    Midi Loopback Workaround.

You can acces every Parameter you want via GenericControl or Quickcontrol (when you move something you have to relink in some cases)

But how to get our Midi-Track-Data there?
You have to put a Midi Output to a Midi input and the learn the parameter witch GC or QC.

  1. create a midi Track
  2. set output of this Midi-Track to the GenericControl or QC (you can’t so you have to choose the output which is connected to the imput where the GC or QC are listen)
  3. “learn” cubase with the QC or GR what it should do with this Midi input…

    If you don’t want to waste Physiclic-Midi-Ports and wires you can use a Midi-Loop-Back driver: This emulates midi-ports where input is directly connected to output, so you could choose one Output in a Pargramm, and send them via Midi-LoopBack-Driver to another Programm where the “IN” of this LoopBack-Midi-Port is used, we use it to send it from cubase to cubase back… sad but true…
    disable the “Input” ports of the Midi-LoopBack-Driver in the Midi-Options in Cubase or you will get a midi-loop-feedback inside cubase and thats not cool.^^

Best Regards

I think to :slight_smile:
but there is no Option to record vst-Automation to Midi-Tracks…
or extract vst-Automation to midi-part…

How is the option Called to “extract Midi-Cotrol-Data to Automation” in english Cubase?
(in German= Funktion/Midi-Automationsdaten extrahieren)

Like I said earlier, in the CC Automation Setup dialog, set Record Destination to “Automation Track”, then simply automation write-enable the MIDI track.
If, instead, you have that option set to “MIDI Part”, then the CC# data will be recorded into the MIDI Part (so long as the track is record-enabled, of course)

or extract vst-Automation to midi-part…

Solo the MIDI track (and if necessary, mute any other unwanted automation lanes for that track), set Left and Right Locators, then MIDI menu>“Merge MIDI in Loop”

How is the option Called to “extract Midi-Cotrol-Data to Automation” in english Cubase?
(in German= Funktion/Midi-Automationsdaten extrahieren)

That menu item, in English, is simply “Extract MIDI Automation” (in MIDI menu>Functions)

Thank You!

Ok. you can extract Automation to Midi-Part with: Merge MIDI in Loop.

But this all works only if the vst support Midi-CC on this parameter:
If you want to control the frequency of an EQ-Band wich dont support Midi, you can only control with Automation, you cant use the notes from a bassline to control the EQ-Freq. without a workaound for example…

Of course :wink:
The workaround (as the topic starter mentioned) is to use Quick Controls, or the Generic Remote Device (plenty of topics on those in these forums :wink: )

Youtube is your friend :wink:

It looks like this is what I was looking for. Thanks! Now if only there were a way I could add comments to each of the automation lanes to identify what I assigned them to.

Stick a couple of Post-Its on your screen? :mrgreen:

but they don’t move with the tracks when you’re scrolling, so you have to use several .cpr’s and screen and computers with a complicated configuration to realize this if you want…