Automating panning on the stereo out in Cubase 10

Hi, I would like to make the stereo image of my entire track narrower in a prechorus, before widening it to full width in the chorus. However, stereo combined mode doesn’t seem to let me do this. If I move the L signal outwards, it drags the right signal to the centre and vice versa. I want to be able to move both to the centre at the same time, and then push both out wider at the same time. The other panning mode doesn’t seem to work either, and it’s just one setting affecting both sides. Any ideas, anyone, please?


This is not possible with the panner, this is a plain level panner, it doesn’t use Mid/Side.
Cubase has the StereoEnhancer plugin for this purpose.

You can also use the free MSED.

Or drag up with the Combined Panner, see Mattias post below.
However it is still not M/S but Stereo level based. As you mix L and R the level will increase, and the only way to counteract this is to set the Pan Law to -6 dB.

The best is to use the StereoEnhancer plugin, which can truly reduce the width without increasing the overall level.

Hmm… Yes, if you drag that “bar” left/right the behavior is as you describe it. But you should be able to drag it up/down instead which should narrow/widen the image, no? … and even reverse the sides…

And don’t you also get a numerical value under each side?

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Stereo Combined Panner

With the stereo combined panner, the left and right pan controls are linked and keep their relative distance if you move them. It is available for channels with a stereo input and output configuration.

  • To activate this panner, open the context menu for a pan control, and select Stereo Combined Panner.

  • To set the pan independently for the left and right channels, hold down Alt/Opt and drag left or right.
  • To reverse the left and right channels, pan the left channel to the right and the right channel to the left.The area between the pan controls changes color to indicate that the channels are reversed.
  • To sum two channels, set them to the same pan position (mono).Note that this increases the volume of the signal.
  • To specify the default stereo panner mode for new audio tracks, set the Default Stereo Panner Mode in the Preferences dialog (VST page).
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Thanks to you both. I find when I drag the bar up or down, the left and right channels to move inwards, but at different rates, so it’s not a uniform narrowing/widening. I want to automate this so it’s a smooth movement. I think the best option is probably the stereo enhancer. I somehow hadn’t noticed you can actually reduce width with it, as well as widen. Anyway, many thanks for your assistance both.

You’d have to automate both L and R in fact, with the same (or inverted) curve for both, since the Combined Panner uses two panners at the same time, Left L/R , and Right L/R. :sweat_smile:

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That’s what I was hoping to do, 2 identical curves for each side. Alas, when in combined panner mode, I have the options of standard L/R pan and standard L/R pan 2, but only the second appears as an option. When I try to move the standard L/R (1) parameter into the list of things I can automate, nothing happens, it won’t appear. And standard L/R Pan 2 seems to affect both left and right, rather than one channel.

For the kind of precision you’re after, I’d hand edit the Panning Automation. Make two Automation Lanes available and put the Left & Right Panners on them. Then on each Lane use the pencil to add data points where you want the Pan motion to start & end. Then use the bezier curves to fine tune the change.

Like this


Also… beware of doing this on the last stereo output. Post-insert effects are pre-panner, so any clips and overs you have made by the panning will not go through master plugins.
It’s much safer and easier to do this with a plugin (there are plenty of options, mono to stereo, stereo enhancer, mix6to2 and so on), inserted into an earlier position in the master.