Automating the process of removing pops/clicks

Hi everyone !

I’m trying to fix several audio files which were unfortunately recorded through a preamp unit with clocking/sync issues : files are literally cluttered with pops & clicks. When looking at the audio files with the Sample Editor, I see that each pop/click is a 32 samples inserted silence. There is actually no audio missing.

I started hunting these pops/clicks by ear using the Scrub Tool. When I find one, all I have to do is use the Selection Tool (with the Snap to Zero option on) to select the 32 samples silence and hit the Delete key. Click disappears and audio goes back to normal (please see screenshots !).

The whole process actually works, but as one can imagine it takes A LOT of time !
My question : as the silences are always the same lenght (32 samples), is there a way to detect these silences automatically and not having to do everything one by one, by ear ?

Thanks a lot, friends !


Have you tried the “Crossfade” function? It is found in the Cubase>Audio menu. Select all of the events you want crossfaded then hit the “X” or choose from the previously mentioned location.

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Hi Prock, thanks for your answer ! I don’t think my issue is related to crossfading, as the silences are inserted inside the audio events ! It’s not a matter of transition between several audio events. :slight_smile:

I figured the crossfades might wipe out these small sections and get rid of whatever artifacts you hear. Worth a try as I am not aware of any other way to auto find these things. Hopefully someone else does and will chime in here.

Regards :sunglasses: