Automation and quick controls

When i turn my midi controllers knob (LPD8 akai) on VSTi track (e.g. Retrologue) - the knobs inside the plugin are moving, but the QUICK CONTROLS menu on the left are at the same position.
What do i have to do to ignore the vsti global assignments and use quick controls only?
Thank you!

any suggestions?

Is your Akai routed to Track Quick Controls or to VST Quick Controls (or neither?) in the Device Setup menu?
VST Quick Controls act directly on the knobs in the VST Instruments Rack (and therefore on their corresponding knobs on the Instrument’s GUI itself), whereas Track Quick Controls manipulate the horizontal sliders in the Track’s Inspector (which can indeed also be routed to VST instruments parameters… if that wasn’t confusing enough! :wink: ).
Maybe we need more info on how you’ve set that up?

i routed akai to vst quick controls and then tried leave it alone and try to use MIDI LEARN option in vsti, but the vsti in not responding to that button, not learning. The same with my AXIOM 25
I used address from 1 to 8 on quick launch, channel one.

The MIDI Learn button in the Device Setup panel for VST Quick Controls, or the one on the QC Controls in the track’s Inspector?
For setting up VST Quick Controls, it should be that first one, but I too have seen this be sometimes reluctant to recognise incoming MIDI. Make sure that, after selecting your Akai as MIDI Input to VST Quick Controls, you hit “Apply”, before trying to MIDI Learn.

MIDI learn in the VSTi window - eg, MASSIVE, RETROLOGUE.

Retrologue (eg, main volume) is already assigned to address cc1. And i could not find any possibilities to the knob reassign with midi learn.

Hi again,
I’ve tried a couple of times to formulate a reply that doesn’t make it sound harder than it is :wink:
First, please be aware of the following points…

  1. The MIDI Learn function on the instrument’s GUI will expect to receive a CC that is coming from the MIDI/Instrument track’s input.
  2. But, any CC (from the assigned input port in the VST QC or Track QC section of Device Setup) that is assigned to a QC slot is removed from the Track’s input.
    So, if you have a particular CC (from the input to the QC setup’s window) routed to a QC slot, then that CC becomes unavailable at the MIDI/Instrument track’s input, therefore, MIDI Learn on the instrument’s GUI will note receive it.
    If you want to control a particular parameter from the horizontal sliders in the track’s Inspector, use, instead, Track Quick Controls, and use the “L” (learn) button in the QC pane of the Inspector, then just click on the desired knob on the instrument’s GUI.
  3. To further complicate things (at least in the case of Retrologue), some of the presets have CCs hard-wired to various parameters, and can’t be deactivated (unless someone knows otherwise?)