Automation and tempo change


I have made a project with audio tracks and automation. The audio was recorded with the tempo by default (4/4 120).
Now I need to correctly display the measure. I have added a tempo track. When I create it the audio tracks well fit the measure display BUT the recorded automation does not follow the tempo track accordingly.

Any idea to avoid this and to have the automation synchronized with the tempo track

Thanks for your help

Hi Pascal,

While tempo track support is on our feature list for future Cubasis updates, it is not yet supported.


thank you Lars


With all due respect, this item has been on the list of “next features to implement” for far too long. We are talking about more than a year, actually way more as far as I can tell. Correct me if I’m wrong. Why is this getting delayed for so long? You guys sound like a broken record “it’s on our list…, it’s on our list…”
Can we please have a committed date on when tempo track will be implemented? PLEASE!

Best regards.

Hi Pfern,

Thanks for your message.

If you’ve followed our record you’ve might noticed that we’ve released many feature updates on a constant basis, and keep up with it.

To my knowledge we’ve never announced tempo track as next feature to implement, but added the feature to our backlog (topics for future updates).

I’m sorry but we do not announce dates for new features in advance.

Best wishes,

Hi Lars,

Thank you for your reply.

Believe me I acknowledge and appreciate the efforts to keep up with user’s request and update Cubasis on a regular basis.

However, and I’m sure this is true for many other users, Cubasis without a tempo track is a bit like a sitting duck. Can’t use it for live sets. You guys know, I don’t have to stress this point further. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been a Steinberg customer of both software and hardware for 25 years (and counting). That should prove my loyalty to this company and it sucks when direct competitors (no names mentioned) are offering this feature already and more. So then, what is holding up the implementation of a tempo track? Simple question.

Come on guys please let’s get moving!


Hi Pfern,

Thanks for your reply and loyalty!

As with the past, Cubasis expands constantly and lots of great additions will be added in the future.

Naturally goals and requests of our customers are very different, and we do our best to provide regular updates that meets with our customers expectations, as well as supporting new technologies/features.

Regarding your feature request:
Please let me have a PM with a clear usecase description, how you want to use tempo track for live sets.
Might be helpful for us when it comes to implement the feature and have various scenarios covered.


I have to jump in on this to add support for this request. I’m trying to use another one of the iOS DAWs now because they added tempo and time signature automations. Yes, please also add time signature automations ASAP.

Not sure big reports are needed for this. For users who are writing music that flows through different tempos and/or different time signatures, and I don’t think @Pfern and I are the only ones out there, these features are essential.

Whether these features are used for home studio usage or live performance, I use them for both, the are sorely, sorely needed.

And, yes, I am very happy with Cubasis, all in all. Thank you for making and continuing to support such a great product. I now write music on Cubasis more than Logic, GarageBand, FL Studio, Reaper, or an of the IOS DAWs that I own, and I own just about all of them. But this doesn’t mean that features like these aren’t still holding up the show, so to speak.

Personally, I know this is a sore subject, and no, I’m not rolling piles of cash, but I’d be fine with paying for an IAP to help support development of these and other new features, especially if the price was reasonable (like maybe $.99 ?), or $3.99 for a nice hefty bundle of new features, if that fits your development model better.

Hello Lars,

The most efficient workflow for a live set is to have all songs that are part of the same set loaded in the same project. This is to avoid interruptions between songs. I mainly work in electronic music and typically with Cubase and a laptop I would organize songs each on its own track, in descending order and sequentially, just like a piano roll.

I would crossfade between songs (at different tempos) by automating a ramp in a tempo track. That’s it.
This implies that audio can stretch, and beats will stay syncronized with the song’s divisions, bars, etc. after the xfade including midi clock to external devices.

Currently in Cubasis there is no workaround. Tempo can be manually adjusted on the fly but audio will glitch, and synchronization will drift. I gather that the real main reason is because audio warping is not yet supported. Am I correct?