Automation - AutoLatch - PadShop - not working

I’m trying to automate the duration knob in PadShop. I already have some automation but I want to overwrite that with new automation. From what I can tell, I want to use AutoLatch Automation writing so that when I release the controller that value will stay until the punch-out.

This doesn’t seem to work. Any time there is old automation, and READ and WRITE are enabled, I can’t write new automation. Every move I make is snapped back to the previous old automation value. Am I missing something?

Sounds like it’s reading the old automation and re-writing it.
Delete the old automation.

I only want to rewrite a portion. I want to keep most of the automation but change a bit at the end. According to the manual, I can use Auto-Latch to overwrite a portion of the automation but it’s not working like that. Having to delete 5 minutes of automation to fix a 10sec section is major stupid… so let’s hope that’s not the only solution.

Ever thought of deleting just the 10 second portion?

There are no points to delete at this location. Let me be more clear, writing Additional/New automation isn’t possible because the previous automation will dominate and not allow any new data to be added or changed.

BUMP - Can anyone confirm that
A) This feature is not working correctly.
B) That I’ve misunderstood the manual and there is a correct way to overwrite automation without having to delete everything.

Additional information… This is not a problem if I use the mouse. Only when I use an external midi controller like the Axiom 49 with a CC Learned.