Automation BUG(?): how to horizontally scale the automation?


I know this has to be possible somehow. This new feature of selecting the automation points and adjusting several ways, is just magnificent!!

BUT, as I have one mastering project with a fade-out curve on the Stereo Out-track and I want the fade-out to begin at the current position but I want it to last longer (the fade-out curve has several automation points, kind of a logartihmic fade-out…) then how can I stretch the curve that way?

I know I could just edit the separate edit points, but it’s not the issue here since that’s exactly the way I wanna do this. It shows the pop-up text “Stretch” when the mouse is pointed at the low edge of the selected edit points, but when “stretching”, it just adjusts the edit points INSIDE the selected are and NOT the one at right-most. Meaning, the total length of the fade-out (the point where it starts, to the point of the gain value 0) stays the same.

So I want to SCALE the fade-out curve to encompass a longer period of time, but I want to maintain the RELATIVE values between the edit point. Do you know what I mean?

Any help? Chris B.?? :slight_smile:

Yes I think so… (understand what you mean that is)…

Can someone post an animated gif of the automation scaling thing in C6 in action? It’s one thing that I haven’t seen up close in any videos. If any takers… (on PC anyway) … use LICEcap…


:laughing: That link triggered the porn filter. It’s without the dashes…

I think you can do what you want by putting an extra “0” automation point a few bars to the right of the “0” at the end of the fade, then select the fade, including the extra point, then stretch by clicking at the bottom BETWEEN the two “0” points and sliding right…

Yeah, I actually thought something like that also, but the problem is that it will not retain the RELATIVE horizontal positions of the fade; it kind of stretches the edit point positions at the left side of the selected area, but then Cubase will “shrink” the edit point positions at the right side, towards that extra “0” that you mentioned. So it will not work perfectly.

I guess Steinberg thought that no-one could ever need this kind of a feature but I’m pretty sure that all the TILTING maneuvers that you can make with Cubase 6 are far more innecessary :smiley: Well, nice to have them also - who knows where I’ll be eventually neededing them and finding very useful, but that fact that you cannot even do a BASIC HORIZONTAL SCALING is something that even a cow knows that there truly is the real need for that! :slight_smile:

Not 100% accurate, I agree, but I can get it to almost stretch … depends where you click. I’ll try to attach a gif (not tried before !!) - here goes…
…think that would be close enough for me !!

Thanks Tony. That’s the first time I’ve seen that thing up close and of course it will probably be spring or summer before they put up a demo download so if you care to go through everything or some more of what that thing does, allows, I’d appreciate it.

It look a lot like the automation transformer from that other host but I haven’t really seen this one yet. Please share.



How did you do that gif-file anyway? :slight_smile: I’m sure I could maneuver it somehow, but if there’s a great screen recording program that let’s you choose the area and automatically export that area into a moving gif, then please let me know! Would appreciate it.

And now that I think this closer, it seems like Cubase is stretching it completely right since it seems to do the stretching so that it applies it to the right-most edit point and doesn’t actually seem to “flatten” the automation at all when you dragged that strecthing to the right. So I think it actually IS accurate :slight_smile:

Anyway, the mathematic brick that I am, I don’t like workarounds since I think it SHOULD make it so that the area that you select is scaled and that’s it. Period :slight_smile:

But your workaround isn’t that bad at all since whenever one need stretching, there almost always will be automation edit points further along the timeline, so that the stretching will not be the problem. It seems that the only situation where we need this “workaround”, is with the fade-out (and fade-in) where there are no that “last” point automatically.

So thanks again and now I’m happy :mrgreen:

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