AUTOMATION: Can someone explain to me why this happens

-and if there is any workaround

Multiple tracks - the first of which has automation that contains two nodes
Link those tracks
R/W enable all
All tracks are at the same value (80); the first track’s automation is from 85 > 80
Play transport
Wait until AFTER the first track’s last automation node (80) is passed (that tracks’s fader now at 80)
Touch any of the OTHER faders
PROBLEM: first track’s fader jumps to 85





I am not sure if I am getting the same behavior here… but what I am seeing, seems pretty logical… yes, the first fader does jump, but only while I am moving the other fader (i.e. it is obeying “Link”), but as soon as I release the mouse from that other fader, the first fader resumes its automated position.

Right - that happens here too. But also what happens here is the first fader jumps when I do NOT move the other fader, but only touch it. Something does not seem right here.