Automation channel's values

Good evening Steinberg community, is it possible to see in an automation channel the values of the parameter you are controlling (for example the Hz of the cutoff frequency) instead of the MIDI values? Thank you, Valerio

No, I’m afraid not at the moment: Dorico only supports MIDI controller automation as yet.

It would be perfect if Dorico will allow it in the future, I am looking for a way to map a graphical crescendo like this one to the automations of the Vsts (the sign could be also the standard one).

Out of curiosity: what does the Hz mean? Do you express volume by notating a frequency?

No, I am referring to the cutoff frequency of a synthesizer.

I like the graphics a lot - but how would Dorico send a frequency to a VST except as MIDI? (which is 0-127 only for a CC) That’s all the standardized VST interface allows (audio and MIDI)

In Cubase, if you go in the automation channel, you can see the value of the parameter you selected instead of 0-127