Automation clip

It been requested few times, but it’s really what many people wish!

Now it’s nightmare now to deal with automation dots when you want to change placement of parts. You need to check/uncheck exactly all dots instead of using simple drag and drop like we do with midi clips.
Plus often you like to try some automation pattern on different parameters/tracks, etc. or even copy to other project - that would be nice!
Or you want to cut/copy/paste. Currently it’s possible, but tricky and could bring unexpected results and you can miss easily.

So, automation clips is highly demanded feature!


If it was requested already, why dont you post it in the respective thread?

I saw it in some quite old post. And I have impression, that old posts aren’t attract much attention here. Maybe I’m wrong though.
Anyway I found 2 of my requested features in survey I get recently and thats nice.
Unfortunately I didn’t saw there “UNDO to previous value accidentally drawn point on empty automation curve.” ((