automation complexity

I think I know the answer to this but it seems so silly I have to ask.
If I have written volume automation to a track and want to adjust it I cant just turn Read off, Write on, and rewrite the section that I want to overwrite without keeping hold of the fader. Is that correct? I have waded through the automation section of the “manual” and looked at the automation panel, and it seems I cant have Write selected without “Read” coming on. It seems such a strange and counter intuitive way of working, and also rather time consuming and awkward to have to use the alternative methods (i.e. “Touch” or manual rewrite on the automation track) that I feel I must be missing something.
Any ideas?

Mute automation (the button under R), to avoid the reading of any automation lane. (in the automation lane, not the main part of the track)
Lock automation (under the W button), to avoid writing of any automation lane.

You can also go F6 for the Automation panel and suspend Write or Read automation.