Automation Curves (Like Logic)

Cubase requires smoother automation drawing tools… the Parabola is cool except for that there are only a few points and the line is more of 2-3 straight lines combined.

It would be nice to take a look at logiks curve automation tool which will draw a smooth exponential growth automation:

It would be nice to beable to draw custom automation curves similar to the fade-in and out options.

I plan to upgrade to 6.5 does anyone know if there is a difference in automation lines from version 5?

You can set the amount of data reduction to produce more blobs. smother curves in the automation panel.

New scaling tools for controller and automation data offer a highly intuitive user experience when working with MIDI data, including simultaneous editing of several events and an dramatically streamlined look-and-feel. You are in full control: scale, rotate and move marked events up or down; all events are scaled smoothly in relation to each other:

Awesome thanks guys…

Is this in cubase 5 assuming its under preferences somewhere… can’t seem to find where it would be.

Cubase 6+ only?

In C6 it’s under the prefs found in the Automation Panel if C5 has that?

I’ll take C6’s scalable automation any day over other DAWs bezier curve and spline automation… way more versatile and useful IMO.

This is just an assumption, but I think the smooth curves in Logic just look smooth. Under the hood they are linearised just like in Cubase, which in my opinion gives more than enough versatility.

I can imagine better work with automation with using bezier curves. The new way, which is In the Cubase 6, is quite good now. Cubase 5 and older, it was terrible!

Logic’s automation looks pritty nice. Mainly changing linear/parabolic curves, is quite intuitive and flexible.

In my opinion, it will be nice, if user can make inverse values. Studio One can do this very nice!

Absolutely correct, Martin.

I really love Cubase´s automation curves since version 6.x!!

And it would be great to have values in addition to the automation points - in closer zoom situations (Logic e.g.)


Agreed, the values are nice. Only display them when the track is selected though.