Automation Dialog in Editor window detaches from scroll down dialog

I found a strange behavior in the way the dialog boxes behave in the editors, depending on the position and size of the screen.

I’m using a monitor with 2560x1440 resolution as my main screen for Dorico. Today I tried to look into the new editor features (which look fantastic to me and I’m curious to explore them) and I found the following effect.

I have the velocity editor open at the bottom of my screen.

and now I try to look at the Automation dialog, that has more options. I expected this subdialog to show up in place where the “Add Automation” menu item is, but instead it jumps to the upper left corner of the screen.

I can now try to switcht to a different editor, by selecting it in the initial dialog, but it always jumps back to this view. I need to click on the header “Add Automation” to close this dialog and get back to the previous view.

To get it consistent and keep the dialog attached I need to increase the size of the editor until it is able to take the full size of the automation dialog

I would expect this dialog to stay at the original location and, if there is not enough room for scroll down, just scroll up, but never detach completely.

Yes, there are some problems like this due to the mixed nature of the current setup of our user interface components. This is something we expect to be able to improve in future.

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Thanks for the info @dspreadbury .