automation envelopes superimposed over waveforms

This has probably been brought up before…

Nearly every other modern DAW doesn’t require you to open up a whole separate lane in order to do automation edits.

To do even one small volume change, I must pop open a new lane which has a different size than the host track. Why can’t the envelope just be written over the waveform on the same track???

Trust me, it’s been brought up before.

All I can tell ya is that there is a certain amount of fatigue amongst long-time users (well, this long-time) user that so many dead obvious fixes have never been implemented. How fatigued? Well, this is simply a pasted piece of boiler plate text I use over and over. :smiley:

So don’t feel bad if yer post hasn’t be +1’d much. It doesn’t mean it’s not a great idea. It just means that people don’t feel anyone in the castle is listening.



My question would be:

WHICH Automation curves would be drawn over the waveform?
All of them? Drop down check box (idea!)?

And what about CC info?
Would that still be there also?

Might get a little messy.


You can draw volume envelope just into waveform. Try pen tool (draw).

Bonus: drawing volume just into you audio clip do not prevent you form using Volume fader to adjust overal volume track volume.

+1 +1 +1 and region based automation!


+1 And keep the possibility of using lanes :smiley: