Automation envelopes, where are they?

Is there a way to display, draw or edit automation envelopes?
Let’s say, I want a to set a fade-in on a track volume fader of a Layer, or I want to control the WAH pedal on an external Guitar effect…
I know envelopes are stored when you record MIDI (for example the modulation wheel, you can also see the events in the MIDI List Editor), but I can’t find a way to edit them.

Hi @Ugo_Fantozzi ,

As far Is I know, you can modify/edit them in the same - Edit / MIDI List Editor… -
Currently can’t redraw them in Lower Zone MIDI editor (“Key editor / Piano roll”) as there are:

  • no ramp / line editing tool, just regular pencil/eraser
  • change Velocity lane to any other value is not implemented

Also there is an other menu item: Devices / Actions and Shortcuts…
You can select more and more items for “save automation or action” (also channel related ones) by week by week as developers are implementing more and more possibilities. Go e.g.: to Channel actions, use internal midi ports as VM1/VM2 (if meant to do something internally…between track, stack, layer, channel),

or just write/add MIDI CC’s, fine tune them in Edit / MIDI List Editor… and send them out/in from/to the app, using other MIDI ports (external, loop, whatever).

I hope, I could help

Uhhhh… I didn’t want to hear that. I was sooo hyped by this software… bummer.
I think having the visual option to MIDI “program” a show is crucial for this kind of software.
Volume and send fades, external gear MIDI, DMX movement… without automation curves they are impossible to work with.
I really really hope in next versions automation curves will be implemented.
In MIDI Track editor, under the Lane sub-window, now you can select just Velocity. There should be an option to select any kind of MIDI data with the ability to draw automation curves, not just static values. Something like every modern DAW has.

:smiley: as a hyped user by this software I wish also more and more things for future updates for sure :wink:

acutally you can write curve as “curves” are basically high resolution steps, sit down and start adding bounch of incremental events in MIDI/DMX List Editor :sunglasses:

Automation is in the making. For now, either manually edit in MIDI List Editor, or record, or export from Cubase.

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