automation follows events

hi,i have automation follows events selected in prefs. but when i move an event with midi notes the automation dosent follow.
i have to select the event and the automation and move all.

Hmm… that isn’t normal.
Just to double-check… You have a Part on a MIDI track. That Part has some MIDI automation on a lane belonging to that track. You drag the MIDI Part, but the automation doesn’t follow? (I just wanted to verify that the automation isn’t in fact on a VSTi that is being played from that MIDI track… because that automation resides in the VSTi’s track folder, not on the MIDI track, so it is normal that it doesn’t move with events on the MIDI track.)

its an instrument track i have some notes played on a vsti.and automated an insert on that instrument track.

I’m sorry, I haven’t got anything better than the “Well, it’s working here” reply :wink:.
Does this happen in all Projects?

yes happens in all projects.
so it dosent matter that its an instrument track?

No, “Automation follows Events” works on all track classes.

Btw, have you tried it on a simple MIDI track?

I think you should try the “sledgehammer” approach, of setting aside your Cubase Preferences (Application Data), and letting Cubase rebuild them from scratch on next launch (bearing in mind that if you still have Preferences from, say, Cubase 5, it will try to import them, rather than creating new).