Automation for Midi Inserts

Currently there is no way to record automation for inserts like Arpache SX/5 or Auto LFO (even though automation can be recorded for some parameters) this is not ever read during playback.
Compared to something like Ableton’s arp you can see how much automating these parameters can open up sound design in new ways.
I thought this was a bug as automation is recorded. But as I was reminded by the mods today. This is a “feature”

So. Even though this shouldn’t be a feature request and should be a bare minimum for every DAW (which it is for every other DAW)
How about we have Cubase read what it already records? :slight_smile:

This issue has been raised multiple times and when it is people post that it’s a bug…because they are thinking logically. But as we all know Cubase defies logic at times…>