Automation for Program Change

I see automation lanes for Bank Change ( CC 0 and 32), but I see now automation for program change. Is that correct?

(I know I can add a program change in the event list)

Some instruments respond to MIDI Program Change. This will be device dependant. Also, it can be really slow, so you may be to send the bank change at one point, a program change at a future point, and then wait prior to playing the instrument.

I understand all that. However, I do NOT see Program Change as an automation option, though I do see Bank Change. Can Program changes not be used in automation lanes?

Just a bump here. Can program changes be used in automation lanes? I don’t see that as an option.

Is the only way to add it to the event list?

you can also add them in key editor

I find it much faster to record them and move them around in the list editor, but I guess that is old school.

Yep. Program change isn’t in the list.