Automation for quick control


Ive got a knob on my macro page which switches between different samples of a guitar chord.

There’s 24 different options on the knob (major, minor, dim, aug, major etc…) and when the knob is moved the name of the different chord/zone shows up underneath (major, minor, dim etc etc)

It’s all all working great (thanks to some very helpful people on this forum actually) and ive successfully assigned this knob (the knob is called ‘Chords’) to quick controller 1 (qc1).

My only issue is… When exported to Halion Sonic and played in cubase, you can successfully edit the QC1 automation lane, and the knob moves, but the values don’t show up as the chords (major, minor, dim etc) like they do on the macro knob, just as a numerical value.

How do I make the automation lane in cubase show the chord name (major, minor etc) instead of a number?

Without this is going to be very hard for people to know what chord type they’re automating change to.

Many thanks