Automation Frustration

Hi there. I jumped from Cubase 7 to 10(currently 10.0.40) some time back and have been struggling with editing in the automation lanes ever since.

Whenever I try to move, scale or tilt, a new node is created at each side of the selected region! It happens in every lane under any track within the Project Window, but not - thankfully - when editing CC lanes in the Key Editor.

Is this a bug? If so, is it fixed in later updates? If it’s not a bug, what is the purpose of this?? I know you can move a region without creating new nodes by entering values in the info line, but how about scaling and tilting for instance?

My Best.

OK, just watched Steinberg’s video on the then-new (2017) automation handling. I guess I should have watched it before posting! So everything is functioning as designed. Much prefer the old way of editing. Seems I’m in the minority. Thanks. zgern