Automation: Global Snapshot / Create Initial Parameters: Why/How are they useful?

Hello Folks,

I´m trying to figure out the usefulness of these items in the automation panel’s Functions menu:

  1. Create Initial Parameter Events
  2. Global Snapshot

I read the manual, but can´t come up with a practical scenario where these functions are useful. The manual just describes what they do but doesn’t offer a step by step explanation on how or when to use them.

Any ideas?

Why Would I store only one snapshot of the mix console, if I can´t export it? Why can I only store one? How is that useful? I don´t even understand what it includes? How do I apply a stored snapshot? Can I apply a snapshot to a selected Range? How can I tell if I applied it correctly?

The only thing I can imagine is to use this as a way to use the snapshots as Console States to load during live mixing. This would be useful, for instance, to adjust levels quickly between sets, songs, improv/solo sections, or artist rotation in a festival stage.

However, if this is true, I wouldnt know how to set it up with the Global Snapshot function.