Automation help needed. How do I do this?

Hey all, I’ve gone up and down in the manual. Anybody know how to, or where in the manual it may explain how to do this…
Let’s say I’d like to pull down the volume of a track (only in a certain section of the main vocals)
If I use the selection tool, and select a range, how do I create 2 points on either side of my selection in the automation lane? Is there a keyboard short cut that will do this? Then, I’d like to just be able to grab the “bar” that I just created and just pull it down. Is there a way to do this?


When you pull the automation track down, and enable write mode, you use the pencil to make the dots which represent the level of the indicated parameter of the track. I don’t quite understand what the problem is. You take that dot, and pull it wherever you wish. As far as key commands, there are commands for toggling among tracks, and commands for showing/hiding the automation of a particular track. Be glad I didn’t say:

Hey Bane, I thought there might be a keyboard short cut for “creating the dots” at each end from my selection. Kind-of-like a one shot bam, the dots are created, now I can just pull the bar up and down as I need…


Not in my Cubase version. But you can always pull up your key commands, look under the automation folder and see what’s available. I’d say it’s not there, because Cubase wouldn’t know where to put them. Most people wouldn’t have them on opposite ends of the track, therefore making it easiest to use the pencil or the line to create 'em. As far as adjusting, for easier use I think the CMC’s or the CC121 might be able to adjust the location of a previously created dot on the automation event. You’d have to check into that one.

Thanks, I’ll check it out :slight_smile:


Hey there.
Select the line tool and simple draw the line where you’d like it to be. This is a very overlooked and powerful automation tool. Great for drawing in fades or simply raising or lowering volume for sections. Once you play around with it the possibilities become obvious.

Thanks for the tip, I’ll give that a try :slight_smile:



you can use set of shortcuts for this. Insert two automation points anywhere. Select the region. Choose Locate Selection [shortcut L] from Transport menu. Select one of the automation point, and choose Move to Cursor [Cmd+L] from Edit > Move To menu. Than select region back, choose Locate Selection End from the Transport menu (there is no shortcut, but you can create your own). Select 2nd automation point, and choose Move to Coursor again [Cmd+L]. You have to automation points on the start and end of the region.


Thanks, thes way seems to be the easiest for me :slight_smile: