Automation help needed (Pro Cubase user)

Hi guys,

I work from time to time on big projects with several songs on one timeline, like live recordings and music for video. Each song has its own cycle marker. I use an SSL Nucleus and Softube Console 1 for workflow and automation.

I would like to be able to work on a mix for a song and then print that mix for every parameter between my locators, so that I can work on song 8 without affecting the mix for song 1. I’ve seen this done on Pro Tools, but I would like some input on how to achieve this in C12. I’m thinking the solution might involve Fill mode and global read/write. If there’s an expert that would be willing to talk me through this, I would be extremely grateful.

You have to use automation on all parameters tweaked for one song.
No matter which song it is.
Then you have a state you can rely on.

Then I guess there is a way to make the start value go all the way to the start of the project when I automate a parameter?

You can use Virgin Territories for this purpose. Automation data will only get written where you write it, there’s no initial value.

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I think I might be looking for the opposite. Let’s say I’ve done a mix for song 1 without automation. Then I automate a parameter for song 3. What will that parameter do when I go back to song 1? It would be better to have an initial value, wouldn’t it?

I don’t mean to be rude when I ask: “Why don’t you just try it in a demo session?”

That would be because of deadlines. :slight_smile: I’m trying to get some input on the best strategy without wasting time on mistakes.

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I still don’t get it. Have you already tried to just use automation and it didn’t work? Your initial post sounds like you haven’t even tried it yet.
Make a fake project, put a couple of audio files in an audio track, setup e.g. an Effect track, create automation on any parameter under first file, then under second file. Does that mess up the expected result?
It is 5 minutes of your time (obviously done when no client is around).
As I said, I don’t get it. Surely I am missing something.

I have done this several times. However, for large-scale projects it has always been with a sense that I am missing a clear plan when it comes to automation. Trying to find a better workflow this time.

If I was in this situation I’d use Save As… to create separate Projects for each song. Trying to keep track of what’s happening for each song in one large Project seems asking for problems. Whatever the perceived benefits of keeping all the songs in a single project, the hassle of trying to manage the increased complexity and the risk of inadvertently introducing errors hardly seems worth it.

You could try using mixer snapshots for this:

All your automation will be deleted, this works for mixer, inserts sends etc, static mixes…
Do a save as before you try

I’ll be doing a LOT of different exports, so I’m clinging to Batch export for the moment.

That’s an excellent idea. I’ve never used that functionality. I’ll have to read up on that.