Automation Idea: Create Volume Curve From Amplitude

If yer like me, you often use automation on volume as a ‘compressor’… riding the gain inversely to the signal peaks.

I think it would be nice if one could right click on a clip, activate a function called ‘Create Curve From Amplitude’ and Cubase would analyse the amplitude of the signal and then create a matching (or more using INVERSE) curve of points underneath that clip in the automation lane.

Et Viola… instant gain riding!

Now, you may ask… how ‘sensitive’ should it be? To which I reply: WHO CARES? So long as it saves me the hassle of creating all those pesky automation points, I can then easily grab the points I want and raise them up or down as needed.

(Although a sensitivity knob would be cool. :smiley: )

+1. Although I’d also like the option for the points to be generated from the average level instead of just peaks.

+1 this is almost exactly the same feature request I made a long time ago. It could be done with a plugin,if the compressor had a way to read out the gain reduction and use it on a automation track. Then we would have threshold,attack,release and so on to optimize the output. Oh and a polarity switch would be nice.

+1 would be a massive time saver.

Regards :sunglasses:

Not exactly as requested, but you guys might want to check out the free dpMeter, it can output record metering to automation data.

Does it have an INVERSE mode?

That’s really the key. It has to be able to write value UP when the amplitude goes DOWN.


This looks like the Automation equivalent of my suggestion to use a plugin that could translate audio Amplitude into MIDI CC data.

Yes. Great idea. As you wrote, it =is= a no-brainer. Just an Envelope Follower. Synths have had them for–ehhhver.

But again, there would need to be tools to modify the generated controller data. For my purposes a MINIMUM would be an Inverse option and a Sensitivity control.

No unfortunately not. I was under the impression we could invert the automation data in Cubase. But that does not seem to be the case.

Still good to point out.

It makes me wish that there were… as with modular synths… CC patch points… (or perhaps better termed -Insert Points) where one could wire the output of a plug like this back into an automation lane.

i found that it’s useless recording Amplitube to CC because the recorded data is dithered even when in automation panel reduction is set to minimum (0). Did anything change on this meter in newer cubase version?

There is from Melda the MAutoVolume.
look at this video around 5min in.

Don’t know if it is possible to write negative automation, should be as it also does gain reduction.

+1. Great idea. Perhaps it could be combined with a ‘built in’ envelope follower, i.e.,so that you could use this amplitude data for other things (panning, send level, fx modulation, etc.)

Great ideas, and make it multiband with one automation output for each band. Then it truly would be a creative tool.

If one can capture the CC data, inverting it is not difficult. Cubase has a MIDI insert that can do all kinds of CC manipulation - the name of it escapes me (and I’m not at my DAW) but I’ve used it for things like taking mod wheel data values 0 to 127 and translating that to map to, say, 64 to 33.

I think you aim for the Transformer, right? I was under the impression the Project Logical Editor could do it, which is similar to the Transformer, but is also able to transform automation data. But it seems both can’t inverse.

Also, when converting the Automation to CC data, would severely degrade the resolution of the automation data, which would be a shame. :wink:

This is the problem, i had pointed in a earlier post, … the The Automation Reduction 0% dithers anyway.

Actually it can because I’ve done it. Once again, not at my DAW, so I must be a little vague. But there’s a transform called something like Wrap Around. Use a value of 64 and it inverts the original data value very close to what you’d want. Since there are an even number of values in the value space, you lose one on one end or the other. You cannot wrap around 63.5, which would get you precisely what you’d want. But as I said, you can get comfortably close.

Are you talking about CC data or automation? Because when you are talking about automation I’m very curious how you achieved it, since I only found an option for CC data through the (Input) Transformer’s Mirror operation.
Unfortunately the Project Logical Editor doesn’t contain a mirror feature like the Transformer does.

Ah, sorry for the confusion. Yes, I was talking about CC data since that’s how this thread started. I don’t know of any trick to invert automation data, although that would be a nice (and one could speculate relatively easy to program) feature on some occasions.