automation in key editor question

when I draw volume or whatever parameter raise or drop with the line tool, I would like the end of the rise or drop to default back to the value that was present before i made the change.
Right now, it will only go back to the original value if there is an initial value set in place.

so my question: is there a way for the key editor automation system to pre-read the original value of the lane value without me having to draw in an initial node? - so , if i draw in a first 4 point line, the end of (and the value before) the line defaults to what it was before the change is made?

thx for input=)

For this reason alone, I would recommend using expression maps whenever possible. I fought it for—ehver, but it helps.

Also, you can see any controller info from the precending and succeeding parts in that translucent colour. Doesn’t help if the setting was changed 100 bars earlier, though. :smiley:

in my case, expression maps would be too static… i would need more dynamic range…

-yeah, that translucent line… hehe… i wish it was solid:P

thx for your possible workaround idea though=)

Someone pointed this video out in another thread. Look at about 13 minutes in. I’m pretty sure he went over what you are asking.

Hope it helps,

thats info about the automation lane…

I am talking about the key editor and using the line tool…

thanks though for attempting to help=)

This indeed is a time waster … Would love a fix . Programming pitch bends for testing purposes is pretty slow as it is (navigating back to zero crossing)

Oops. Sorry bout that.


nono, pls no apologies.,… >thank you very much for taking the time to help =) - ( all of you;))