Automation: Is this possible? ...

Hey guys ‘n’ gals!

I’d like to do the following, and was wondering if any of you know if and how this is possible:
I would like, when I duck the M+E track to a narrator, that in addition to the volume to go down when I move the fader, that the EQ reduces the level of one band proportionately, but by a different factor. E.G. when I move the fader down by 6 dB that the EQ dips by 2 dB etc.
I would find this incredibly useful, as I usually take a little off the 1-2 kHz range off the M+E when the narrator kicks in, so that they are more clearly separated from the background. If I could do this in one go along with the ducking I’d love that.

If that isn’t possible (yet), please file under “feature request”… :wink:

  1. Use something like the Waves C6 with side-chain mode to duck a freq range based on sidechain input
  2. Copy your volume automation to the EQ gain lane and use the automation scale tool to compress the range (could also create a logical editor preset for this)

Thanks a lot, likelystory, good idea, but:

I was hoping to achieve this solely with automation, not with an extra plug-in.

That’s in fact what I do right now, but that means I can’t hear the result immediately during the first mix pass, which is what I’d like.

I agree with likelistory; side-chain a multiband eq or compressor.

Alternatively I’d see if you could possibly get a controller (real or virtual) to trigger two parameters at once. I have no idea how that would work, but it’d basically be something related to parameter-control rather than automation. See what I mean?

Yeah, I see what you mean. Still - being able to link and scale automation parameters to a single controller would be a cool feature.

not with cubase/nuendo, other daws can link parameters and you can write a formula to determine the scaling. apart from c6, i’d rather suggest a dynamic EQ with a sidechain input (this one’s really cool: )