automation issue

For some reason my volume automation on channel 2 of Stylus RMX is triggering the part to start playing even though it is not programmed to play in a certain section.

I turn off automation and the part doesn’t trigger. I wonder if it’s one of those Windows 10 issues.

Any suggestions?

I don’t know the instrument, but in a few cases I’ve had to find a control and tell Cubase to “unlearn the MIDI CC” and then relearn it and that seem to resolve things.

One instrument I use, Air Music’s Transfuser, sometimes likes to drop the master pitch by two octaves -24! But, once I have it “unlearn” and then “relearn” the default, it resolves and operates correctly.

It sounds like the instrument is not hearing the control message for some reason. Good luck.

I think that’s an excellent recommendation and i will try it where i can.

Unfortunately, not all of the plugins have the compatibility to do that.

It took me a good few days of working with Generic Remote before I got my Advance keyboard talking to Cubase correctly. Now, apart from a few little oddities, like that -24 drop Transfuser likes to do now and then, the automation in Cubase works really well. Touch almost any control of any plug in and it can be assigned to a quick control and you can assign and re-assign controls quickly by just selecting the quick control slot and moving a control on the plug-in. Right click and then “Add New Automation,” move the control and the assignment appears in the quick control slot you’ve selected. Make sure your Automation Write is turned on. Start the track, move the controls and watch the magic happen as the automation lines are written. Hope it works out for you.