Automation issues

I am still using Nuendo 7 for majority of commercial work. I try 10 from time to time on small projects.
Recently I’ve done little project with 10. Then I’ve fooled around a bit. Here is video

Sometimes automation is working one way, sometimes other, I don’t get logic of it.
Are there some users who get used to new way of working with automation? Maybe you can give me some tips. At this point this is major issue for me.


The rule is following:

  • Once you use the Scale Vertical controller, Nuendo creates new nodes, trim it and keep the surrounding nodes on its values.
  • Once you click to any of the selected automation node (or you use Info Line: Value), the new nodes are not created.

Martin, did you look at the video? I’m reading your explanation but I’m not seeing how that relates to the video. Just looking at the video it just doesn’t seem consistent.


I came back to this topic. I had a look the video again. You are right, it doesn’t work as expected (as I described).

But unfortunately I can’t reproduce your issue.