Automation lane position (solved)

Hi all

I am automating params on VSTis. I have noticed that in C7 when I write automation in this way, the arrange window jumps down to the automation lane I am recording on. I am sure this didn’t used to happen but I find it disconcerting as I am looking at the MIDI tracks involved and then the next thing its all scrolled away! The behaviour is dogged and persistent…

Is there an option to stop this? If not, is it possible to parent automation lanes to a desired the midi channel rather than the actual VSTi? (I can see this is not an ideal solution however)

When automating I generally like to see the midi / audio events upcoming and position in the song as a whole.

please help :slight_smile:


I think someone said there was a preference to automatically show newly recorded automation - I’ve not used it, and I can’t remember the details! Perhaps that’s what’s happening? I’m obviously not using it because when I record automation it doesn’t scroll around. I use ‘show all used automation’ to reveal it later when I’m ready.

Alternatively you could drag/drop the VSTi channel next to the midi channel, I do that often so I can see all info in the same area in the project. Not so good if you’ve got a multi-channel VSTi fed by 16 midi tracks, but then while I’m tracking I treat the track order as flexible and I’m quite often dragging tracks about to ensure good clear visual cues are available.


Could that be “Reveal Parameter on Write” in the Automation Panel preferences (under the Project menu item)?

Yes!! that’s it. Thanks so much - I have been battling with this for months now!

thanks again guys