Automation Lines: wider lines, different colors.

Dear Cubase,

I find the automation lines to be too thin and the color too light for comfortable viewing.


  1. Make Automation Lines thicker, or, even better, allow users some choice with for Automation Line Width, 1) Hairline (current), 2) 1 Point, 3) 2 Point. Automation points would scale larger and smaller in proportion to line width.

  2. Allow some choice for Automation Line Colors.

  1. Please give us an option to view unselected automation nodes without hovering over.

On my screen, I see unselected Automation Nodes as (difficult to see) tiny black squares, when selected, they are tiny white. If I zoom in, things are easier to see and it’s workable. What are you seeing? I think this speaks to a general need to improve the graphic visibility options Cubase offers for its Automation Lines and Automation Nodes displays.

I do really like how the automation system in Cubase works – amazing functionality.

I think we just need to improve the visibility options for the Automation Lines (that’s LINES, not Lanes) and the Automation Nodes, (that’s nodes, not nerds).

Thanks :sunglasses:



And did I mention that there is no way to distinguish between -selected- points and unselected points? Or the fact that when you select a point on one lane, ALL the lanes sometimes light up as if they are selected?

On my screen I see unselected points as white squares, but when I select some points with a lasso select, those turn white and the ones around it are black, and, of course, the selected points are with in the selection range box. Since automation is still a new area for me, I’ll look more carefully at the selected nodes to see if I’m seeing what you’ve mentioned.

I’ve not noticed the issue about all the automation track/lanes lighting up. If when they seem to be all selected, if you move a point (node) on one track, does it adjust points on all the other tracks or do they just appear to be “selected” but in actuality they are not?

It’s an intermittent thing. It -may- have something to do with the zoom factor, but regardless it’s either inconsistent or downright bug.

An alternative that might offer equivalent benefits would be a dedicated automation editor window. Double click on the automation lane and it would pop up. And of course, it would support Bezier curves, right?

Yes, this has been suggested before.

But the o/p’s suggestion is still good.

I’d like warping in the project window instead of the sample editor. Long time requested by many users. What you say is: “give us another extra editor!” - that’s pure blaspemy :laughing: