Automation lost during export (Cubase 5)

Hi! I’ve started to have some strange/annoying problems in cubase recently.

It’s that automations on the “stereo output” channel does not export properly.

A very common occurrence is that I have a reverb that is supposed to be varying in intensity along the song but just seem to freeze at the value that the song starts at.

Interesting observation:
The problems doesn’t occur during “real time export” but for some reason many of my projects cannot be exported in that way since I get CPU-overload.

Solution at the moment:
If I disable all inputs on the stereo output channel and export all channels one by one and insert them into a new project (taking strain of the CPU), and then applies the same inputs to the stereo output in the new project - then it seems that I can export in “real time” and fix it that way.

But still, that’s a lot of annoying extra work.

So, anyone else having this problem? And anyone know how to fix it?