Automation:Mouse over Group/FX automation lines-> pencil tool appears, why?

Hello there,
I just updated my Cubase from 8pro to 9.5pro and am really happy so far. There’s just one thing which is driving me insane:

When hovering over automation lines of group or FX tracks now the pencil tool appears, and I accidentally draw new automation points when in reality I just want to select some events.
Is there any way to enable this only when R/W of the same track are enabled?
Or to reset/disable it like it was in 8pro?

The only workaround i have now is to lock the group/FX (the automation line disappears), which is pretty inconvenient if you have to do this for each track every time.

Hi and welcome,

Unfortunately this is not possible. This is changed by design (it was requested by many users).

Well, thats not good news…
There should be at least the option to change it back how it was before. In this case Steinberg is forcing users to change their workflow just because other users requested this feature, instead of improving it by giving the ability to customize it in the settings. :unamused: