Automation Muting

I’m new to Cubase and I have just tried out the automation function for the first time the other day. I needed to slowly fade out a synth which I’m using on a MIDI track and so I drew in a volume automation line with the line tool, but when I play it back my VST instrument gets muted. If I turn on the Read Automation the mute button will lights as it plays the event. If I turn the Read Automation button off the synth doesn’t get faded. As I play the track Cubase turns the mute button on and then off, so perhaps I have the Automation line wrong in some section of the track which is telling Cubase to mute the track. But I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong?

I think I have sorted it. Instead of duplicating the track from another one, I started a new track and then used the same synth. It seems alright now. I thought I would leave the post up in case some other newbie finds it interesting.

Get used to hitting F6 to bring up the automation panel. Experiment with the different writing modes and observe how the automation lanes are written. Fader moves are easily created from your MIDI controller or by drawing them in with the pencil tool. Don’t forget to check the setting box on the lower left of the Automation Panel to see what those settings do. Give it time and experiment. Automation is one of the really strong features in Cubase, imho.

Thank you Stephen. Yes, I like automation and I’m quite excited about what I can do with it. It worked really nice with a synth I had put Plug In on that caused it to repeat itself and I was able to fade it out at the right time as the next synth started its magic.

You’re very welcome. I’m glad it worked out for you. :slight_smile: