Automation names truncated

GOod evening.
Again, on Cubase 10 all good. In 10.5 and 11 visualization problems.
Automation names are truncated badly, while in Cubase 10 I didn’t have problems of this sort. Complete insert automation names normally, now truncated like first 3 letters - points - last 3 letters (Sen… vel) that should be (Send 3 Level)


Could you attach a screenshot from Cubase 10 vs Cubase 11, please?

Are you on Mac or Windows? Do you use HiDPI screen?

Wasn’t notified of the reply, sorry!
Here it is, unfortunately I have no more Cubase 10 to make the comparison screenshot, you can see the truncation on the highlighted automation lane. The truncation is random, as you can see the line above shows “Mandata (send) 4” while the one below doesn’t show the number.

Windows 10 Pro - Hidpi enabled.


It could be wonderful to have an option to extend the name lane of automation anyway!