automation newbie

again i am following a cm tutorial
they are automating soundtoys crystallizer over 4 bars
1st 2 bars pitch is 200,bars 3 and 5 pitch is 700
i know how to set up automation track for pitch in crystalizer but when moving the handles i dont see the pitch values,i.e i dont know what value im moving to for bar 3


In the Automation Panel you can make the settings so that the Automation track appears immediately once you rich the parameter.

Hi again,i gave up on this,but today have returned.
i really cant figure out how to do it
the first 2 bars i want the pitch at 200
if i move the automation line up or down i dont get the value only followed by a reading between zero and 100

oh please someone help me on this


The plug-ins provides the values, which should be displayed to Cubase. So the plug-in is fully responsible for the numbers you can see. Please get in touch with the plug-in vendor.