Automation not captured bug with Klevgrand Reamp

I don’t know if it’s Cubasis or Reamp that has the issue.
To reproduce:

  1. New project
  2. Record some audio
  3. Insert Reamp as auv3
  4. Hit ‘W’ and transport, move all the dials in Reamp

Automations for ‘Post LoMid’, ‘Post Treble’, ‘Drive Lo Mid’, ‘Drive Hi Mid’, are Not recorded.
The other pots are recorded ok.
And have a lovely Xmas! (Feel bit bad posting right now… :see_no_evil:)

Hi @i_eat_drums,

Thanks for your message, hopefully you’ve had lovely Christmas!

So far we are unaware about any automation issues, so please share your bug report with the Klevgränd guys. If required, we’re at hand to have them equipped with a Cubasis promo code for testing purposes.

Hope that helps!

Stay safe
& best wishes,

Hi, thanks
Klevgrand replied, and say that you guys should get in contact with them, so they can give you guys a promo code. As automation works in other hosts, so its most likely a Cubasis bug.

Dropped Sebastian from Klevgränd a message…


Thaaaaanx! :upside_down_face:

Hi @i_eat_drums,

Hope you’re well!
It seems we’ll have a fix included in the next update.


That’s great news! Thanks a lot! :slightly_smiling_face:

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