Automation not following tempo changes?

How do I get automation that’s already written to follow a new tempo? I’ve got the correct time base marked for each midi track (it’s a midi-only piece), but when I change the tempo, everything except the automation falls into the correct place.

What am I doing wrong?

It’s specifically the Groove Agent automation that just stays put, so all my drum fills and pattern variations are now falling at the wrong time.

Any ideas?

If I write automation for a particular Groove Agent track, like the output for, say, a kick drum, the automation follows any tempo changes I make. But the automation for the Groove Agent track itself does not follow a tempo change - it’s stays put! So pattern variations & fill variations fall out of place.

You can see exactly what I’m talking about here -

You’ll see what happens to the automation curves as I write a new value for the tempo.

Are all tracks in Musical mode?


They are! But there’s no option for toggling between modes for the Groove Agent channel, at least on in the Groove Agent track where the drum pattern options are available.

Does this make sense to you…?