Automation Not Working On VST Instruments

I might be the only one having this issue because I don’t see it listed on the forum anywhere. My problem is Automation doesn’t seem to be working with my Real Guitar and Real LPC VST instruments. In C6.5 I could arm the automation R/W and within the VST Instrument (Real Guitar) select various functions like fret position, chords or solo etc and the selections would be recorded. This worked great in C6.5 but the function doesn’t seem to work in C7. My fix for now has been to put midi controllers in but as you can imagine that is a hassle. I’m not sure if it’s the case with other Instruments like Komplete or Padshop but for sure it seems to be an issue with Real Guitar.

Has anyone else experienced the problem?

Dont have real guitar…

But automation works fine here… (Tested with various cubase and third party vst for you)

Do me a favor and check this for me please?
: Steinberg Forums

Are you on Mac or PC?

Also I checked and Musiclabs has an update for Real Guitar and Real LPC. I’ll install it and try again tonight when I get home.

Ah, im on a pc my friend… Win7x64…

And thanks:)
P.s. I totally understand if you forget to check:p

Follow up. I contacted Musiclab, the makers of Real Guitar, and they sent me the following fix which resolved my issue.

In Cubase 7 “Device/Device set up/Midi/Midi port setup/device folder” , there is a “In’All Midi” clickable icon on the right hand in the midi folder. It is “on” by default. Please uncheck it. This leads to midi loops, sticking notes and is affecting erratically some (but not all) internal VST or external MIDI gear.

Konstantin Borilov,
MusicLab Support.