Automation Nudge

Is it possible to nudge automation vertically (change the value) with a key command? Horizontally works fine, but vertically doesn’t do anything.

'fraid not.
But you can select the automation and change its value by using your scrollwheel in the Info Line :wink:

Make a Logical Editor preset and assign a Key Command to it.

It wouldn’t be quite the same thing as Nudging though. The Project Logical Editor can scale the automation values (Trim>multiply/divide) but cannot simply increment them.

Yeah, but multiplying by .01 or the like is the same as nudging, no?

To our human ears, certainly! :wink: I was more concerned that, when de-crementing, dividing by .01 may not return exactly the same value, because of rounding errors (although, I must admit, I do have two PLE presets for that very function myself :wink: . Btw, in practice, .01 makes hardly any significant difference, … I eventually settled for “Multiply/Divide by 1.1”)