Automation of Kontakt, Omnisphere, etc in Cubase 8

Hey guys, how do you approach automation for separate MIDI channels of these multi timbral multi-output instruments. I would like to use both MIDI CC or parameters, but cant figure out the way how, is is possible to have automated parameters for each of the MIDI channel that is connected to separate output within the instrument?

Is the question for routing multiple instruments/samples within the same instance of Omnisphere/kontakt to separate channels in Cubase or how you automate the separate channels in cubase or both?

Hi, in fact both, I asked about the first question a few days ago, I don’t think anyone has answered yet. I would like to have several instruments within Kontakt loaded or several patches in Omni loaded, each routed to separate output - I can do this by doing Instrument track and then add MIDI channels and make proper routing or by using Rack instruments where I set the MIDI channels that are connected to audio outputs of the instance of Kontakt/Omni/EW/etc. Correct?

How can i then easily automate for example Filter Cutoff on patch 1 within Omni - can i use both MIDI CC and parameter automation for this? how to set it up?

Thank you very much, was looking for info on the net, but it is still confusing to me, and my experiments did not yield any useable results

Yes, you are correct when it comes to how to route to separate tracks. In omnisphere you need to set outs by the letters A, b, c and so on. In Kontakt and most others it goes by numbers. For Kontakt be sure to load the “16 out” Version (or build Your own preset within Kontakt).

Best way to easily find the automation for me is: Enable RW (Read Write) on the track. While playback, move the parameter you want to automate. Don’t bother about exactly what you record as long as it is the parameter you want to automate.

In Your track section and on the specific track, open the automation window and look for an Asterix after the parameter name. Load that automation lane. You will now see the recording you did. Turn off W and do Your corrections manually with the drawing tool.

Just record live what you want with RW active using Your mouse on the knob for the parameter you wish to record. For multiple: Do one at the time.

MIDI Learn. If you have a MIDI Controller (like a keyboard with some knobs on) see if you can program the parameter to the knob (not all software uses this function). Then use the knob during live recording instead of the mouse.

See if this helps. If not, let me know.

Great Picture by the way!

I attached the screenshot of what I’m doing here, have Rack instruments and corresponding MIDI tracks on different MIDI channels and going out of different outputs. When I enable host automation in Omnisphere, I can select the parameter - for example filter cutoff - only in the “main” track above track outputs in the VST folders, in MIDI track I can select only MIDI CC, etc, in Output track I can select other parameters only, but the filter cutoff is available only in that global instrument track or what’s the name for it. I can also set the parameters for Quick Controls in each MIDI track, but have to learn how to control it separately from my MIDI controller - Panorama P1

I can still work this way, i.e. automating parameters from the main instrument track or I can just use MIDI CC for the most common parameters, if I choose to do the latter I can have separate MIDI CC in EACH channel for the VST instrument, right? So for example I can control filter cutoff for patch 1 with MIDI CC 32, have it automated easily with my controller and the same MIDI CC 32 can be used for channel 2 where different channel resides, right?

Thanks very much for clarification, (if you won’t help me, you will be entering the world of pain - just ref. to the picture :slight_smile:
Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 16.14.58.jpg

Ok, I think I got it, when I was trying to use MIDI CC, I did not have my MIDI controller assigned in the Device Setup - VST controls and Quick controls setup and in my MIDI tracks the input was only my Doepfer keyboard for playing. So I changed that to ALL MIDI INPUTS and in Omnisphere, MIDI CC Learn function works as expected!

I can now have completely separate parameter automation for each MIDI track corresponding to each patch in ONE instance of Omnisphere, or I can assign parameters to Quick controls and save it as presets, but their automation lanes are visible only in the global instrument track if using VST Rack instrument and multiple MIDI channels routed to it.

Hi Peter, have you managed to get your midi keyboard to work with the Omnisphere patch changes buttons (the up and down steppers as they call them). If so was it as easy as right clicking the button and using midi cc learn? I have tried this and can not get it working.

Hi, I did not try this, but can try over the weekend - I was just trying to say that you have to keep an eye on your signal paths - MIDI in MIDI out, etc. In my case, I have Doepfer LMK - mainly for playing the parts and MOD wheel and Pitch Bend wheel, then I bought Panorama P1 controller for MIDI CC and for mixer, transport and other controls (like Quick Controls)

Hi Peter, i am still struggling setting up my controllers on the keyboard with Omnisphere. The only way I seem to be able to get anything to work is right click on every control and enable host automation. I can then see a value which i can assign in Automap. Sometime the learn function works and sometime not. However when i assign a control for example cut off it is only working on the one channel I set assign it. That is to say that if i go to Omnisphere part 1 and look at the ID for cut off it differs in part 2 and part 3 Etc. Also when I move through the 8 track I have setup in cubase Omnishphere does not follow. I have to select say track 3 in Cubase then also select track 3 in Omnisphere. Any ideas?

This may seem dumb, but I just found out that Midi CC# Automation of Kontakt from Cubase Mixer seems to work only with “Rack Instruments” in Cubase 8.5, not with “Track Instruments”. Took me only two hours to figure out :slight_smile: (Sorry! Newbie!)