Automation of Midi CC with Logical Editor


It would be helpful if it was possible to create transform actions for Midi CC values in the Project Logical Editor.

I would like to make presets that generate the increase/decrease of automation regions by set values of 0-127.

Thank you

Of course, this is already possible in the Logical Editor. I think there are example presets to help learn how too.

The Project Logical Editor has a different scope of purpose.

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Thank you. I was unable to find an example. Will keep looking.
It’s very similar to the other post you solved. I’m hoping to make value presets for automation tracks.

Track Automation would part of the Project Logical Editor (PLE). It’s an historical thing – the Logical Editor came first, and was (and still is) for midi only. The PLE came later.

If you are editing midi controllers in the Automation lane (this is possible but not the most common thing to do) that would also be in the domain of the PLE.

You can search in both.