Automation on hardware synth - i don't understand

hi all.

can anybody explain what is going on here

the scenario
i have an old analogue synth module by Waldorf which i have connected to cubase through my saffire pro 24 for both MIDI and Audio. There is a 3rd party VST3 editor for this synth which i also use.
To set it up, I set the external module to send and receive on MIDI Channel 5, i add the VST editor as an instrument track and go to the settings to set up the MIDI to match the synth. I then create an Audio track for the synth and set it to monitor so i can hear what’s happening. this works great, i can even insert an instance of Cthulhu and use its arpeggiator.

the problem
the issues come when i want to record my automation. lets use the filter cutoff as the example
when i record the filter cutoff automation from the VST editor, it will create automation that will change the filter accordingly when played back but its in steps so i can’t draw any curves or diagonal lines and its a nightmare to edit.

when i record the cutoff from the actual synth cutoff pot, it records nice automation that i can edit, create curves and ramps etc but will not change the parameter on the synth on playback. here is a pic of both automation types, the top is from the the VST editor, the bottom is from the synth.

so my questions are
why does the editor create stepped automation?i think this may be something to do with resolution of MIDI only having 128 possible options
why won’t my synth play back the automation i record from it and can i get it to do so?

sorry for the wall of text :open_mouth:

Not sure I’m following you correctly but perhaps the missing bit is this:

If MIDI automation is contained in a MIDI part, the automation envelope is graphically represented in resolution steps pertinent to the MIDI CC in question.

To have the automation graphically represented as MIDI/Instrument track automation, you need to extract it to an automation lane of the MIDI/Instrument track by selecting the MIDI part and applying MIDI > Functions > Extract MIDI Automation.