Automation on Midi-track?? NOT Instrument-track !!

hey people,
in my recent project in cubase 6.5 I have following problem:
I´ve loaded several instances Kontakt 5 in my vst-rack. one instance is only for the brass, e.g. trp, flgh, trb, tuba…
all these vst-instruments are midi-tracks and are sent to this special instance Kontakt.

now I´d like to do a delay-automation ONLY for ONE of the vst-instruments.
is this possible???
if it would be an instrument-track I´d know how to do it. I load the delay as insert-effect and just do the automation.

BUT it seems to be impossible to write an automation for a midi-track?! isn´t it?!
the only way I find is to do the automation for the whole instance Kontakt, but so it´d be for all of the loaded instruments for this instance.

for sure I could separate this one instrument and open it as an instrument-track BUT this project is on its limit respect the cpu so I´d prefer to find a solution to remain it inside of the instance Kontakt and do the automation there.
so, any good ideas???

many thanks in advance!!

Of course, it’s possible, and it works more or less with a MIDI+VST instrument tracks combination as with an instrument track. But it requires that, in Kontakt 5, each instrument/timbre has its own dedicated bus/output, in order to appear as an individual automation track in the project window ‘VST instruments’ folder.

Then, for using a delay as an insert effect, just insert it in this track, corresponding to the MIDI one, but placed in this ‘VST instruments’ folder (should be named something like ‘Kontakt Out n’ or ‘Kontakt Bus n’). After this, use its automation implementation as wanted : the purpose of the existence of this kind of tracks, located in the ‘VST instruments’ folder, is precisely this one…

In short, you’ll be able to do as many individual insertings/automations as there are outputs/busses defined in Kontakt 5.

By the way, and unless you need more than 16 different instruments, I would use only one Kontakt 5 instance, each MIDI track having a different MIDI channel and its own dedicated Kontakt 5 bus/output, as it is multitimbral, but it’s another debate…

thanks a lot for this helpful reply !!!

so, i have to find out how to do separated buses in kontakt; i didn´t even know that this was possible!!
for which term should i look for in the user manual??

for sure, when i master to do this i´ll only open one instance of kontakt and load all my instruments there.
(my actual project has already 6 instances kontakt!!) ;-(((

AFAICS in the Kontakt 5 manual, things become interesting, starting from page 137 (‘Working with Output Channels’)…

Once done, in the ‘VST instruments’ window (F11), don’t forget to use the little icon which looks like an arrow going out of a box, and is right at the left of each instrument slot : this one allows you to choose which outputs/busses coming from the instrument (Kontakt 5, in this case) will be actually used in Cubase.

perfect!! i already found this chapter and i´m yet reading… so thanks a lot !! :wink: