Automation on Monitoring track

Hi, I’d like to automate monitoring in cubase because actually I’m using it a lot throw midi messages (I mapped monitoring of certain tracks I need to some midi notes or ccs, sending them throw IAC bus and after catching them in a “generic device” mapped to those monitorng of tracks). It is very verbose and long to program (specially for big projects!) and also long to test. Automation should be more elegant and simple to use (also because actually throw midi messages is a thing already implemented in cubase…)


Track’s Monitor button is not automat-able, sorry.

Oh :pensive: this is a really sad news… neither in a future release?
It would take away tons of unnecessary work for some users…


Add the feature-request tag, please. But I don’t think this happens. To me it sounds more like a workaround to other feature, what you are doing.

I’m not sure, I do understand your user case well. But wouldn’t help to use MIDI Sends and automate the Send Enable/disable?

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Ok, I’ll add this tag.

The midi usage you described is exactly what I’m doing, but my projects are really large, so automate throw midi all track monitoring I need is an insane thing, also because when I change the order of the tracks I must reassign it!..

It would be a great improvement, since it is already possible throw midi, why don’t add this little feature?