Automation Override - like Reason?

Does Cubase have a feature similar to “Automation Override” in Reason? I think Reaper has it too. This feature suspends automation of a parameter if it was touched while stopped or playing, but not during recording. Clicking “reset” causes the parameter to resume automation. It’s a super helpful feature that helps a lot with live performance, jamming, brainstorming, etc…

Am I overlooking some functionality? I didn’t see anything online or in the manual. Suspended read sounds close, but not quite right. I’m looking for a suspended read mode that works on all plugin parameters, and kicks in automatically when something is touched if Write mode is off.

They should add this if it’s not already there! It seems straightforward…

  • instruct a touched VST / Track parameter to permanently ignore automation if write mode is off
  • parameter stays in suspension regardless of play, stop, record.
  • instruct that parameter to resume automation if a button is clicked, or to write new automation if automation write is enabled.

Just add a “B” (Bypass?) button next to the automation R/W buttons. It lights up when a parameter is touched and suspended. Right click it to show… things… suspended parameters in that track or something. And the Global R/W area could also have a button to reset / resume automation for all instruments.