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I tried to use the Global Snapshot Function in the Automation Panel, but i noticed it only copies the EQ settings. Is there a way to make it store volume automation and Inserts?

Another thing: What does the “Use Undo Branches” option do? In the operation manual it says: “Activate this to gather automation passes in branches” - but what does it mean? What are branches?


Global snapshot has nothing to do with automation (I know, it is in the Automation panel).
You can store the automation value of controls in a global snapshot, but you cannot apply the snapshot on automated tracks. Automation has precedence.
Your EQ was probably not automated, so it was stored within a snapshot.

Branches are versions of automation passes. If you enable branches, you can return to an earlier automation pass and create additional versions of it, without loosing later automation passes. Click on the Passes button to open branches window and try to go back to an earlier automation pass, with branches enabled or disabled, to see the difference.

Thank you PeterGx for the reply.
So what is global snapshot all about?

I haven’t actually used this for a long time, but I thought you could actually use global snapshot when automating.

I thought that you could park on a frame, store the snapshot, relocate to a different section, set a range for example, enter preview mode, “apply” the snapshot, then punch the preview.


Well no, because you cannot directly apply the stored snapshot to tracks with existing automation.
Only non automated controls can read values stored in a snapshot.

In your case, to read automated values and write them elsewhere, I would normally use Suspend read all, but only if I’d need to write a small number of controls. But for this global snapshot is not required.

I beleive it is meant to store all settings as a starting point of a mix session, without using automation.
Nuendo manual doesn’t say a lot about it.

Alright, I just tried it.

You can for example set a range (loop) and engage preview, change parameters, and then punch to that loop range. This now becomes a snapshot among several.

If you load a snapshot you recall those settings and Preview is automatically engaged. If you have another range set you can punch to that range. Previously automated controls get over-written.

I don’t see Preview automatically engaged.
What exactly did you do previously, step by step?

  1. I opened a project that already had automation data.
  2. Set loop range
  3. Then wrote automation as follows;
  • four tracks put in write, global set to latch, preview and punch to loop
  • moved level, eq, pan and plugin on/off
  • pressed “punch”, this punches auto to loop, disengages “preview”, and creates a punch entry in the punch log
  1. Locate to a new point in the timeline where all of the previous parameters were untouched (meaning they still had the automation from the actual mix. Set up a loop range again.

  2. Press “Load” under the punch log which will engage “Preview”.

  3. Press “Loop” as a punch-out fill option

  4. Press “Punch”.


Now, the one thing I haven’t tested is what parameters are not included in the load/punch from the log. I would expect that only parameters that were actually changed are recorded in the log. For this I suppose maybe “touch assist” will do the trick.

Oh, I thought that it has something to do with global snapshot we are talking about.

But it’s a good workflow if you take time and properly name all punch logs.

Ah crap… My bad. I thought you were talking about what i was taking about… I have nothing to add then.

Hi MattiasNYC,
This is very helpful, but lets say that you don’t have the loge any more, or that you want to copy all the parameters that was written in the range (but not in a single punch), and copy them elsewhere. In Pro Tools you have a very easy way of doing that. Is there a way of doing that here?

Not sure to be honest.

You mean copying for example automation that isn’t static from one range to another, over several plugins/effects at a time?

Is there an option to copy all the existing automations in one part of the track (lets say from sec 00 to 05) and copying it to another part of the channel (sec 10-15) without touching the actual audio/midi event.

You mean commands like Copy Special in Pro Tools?

I don’t think so. But you can use Nuendo Logical editor to create all sorts of logical commands to manipulate any type of data.
Else you have to use the tools to directly select automation data and copy it elsewhere.