Automation point handling

Is there a preference somewhere that would allow the automation point handling capability of Cubase back in the SX era? Maybe I just don’t understand the new capabilities, but the new software is horrible for me in this regard.

I like to be able to grab a couple of points and move them up or down relative to the surrounding automation. instead I now have to use the “scale around absolute zero” functioning - whatever that means - or else it changes the automation on either side. It just seems like a whole lot of extra mouse clicking to me. You should be able to adjust points, or groups of points without changing the surrounding automation.

I cannot overstate how much I hate this behavior.


If you want to just move them up/down, select the nodes, then click one of the node, and move it up/down. Or use an Info Line.

I do this all the time and I get a lot of criscrosssing lines that appear when I try to move more than one node at a time.

Been working with Cubase for 17 years; I understand the joys of using the info line - but sometimes you don’t want to have to bother typing in values.

Here are a couple of screenshots representing what happens when I implement the advised procedure.

Does selecting a bunch of tempo points then applying Tempo Event Editor Instruction #4 on page 925 work for you (If I understand what you are wanting to do, it works for me)?


1st of all, I would probably recommend to use Mute automation, instead Volume, with this scenario.

You don’t have to type a value. You can use scroll-wheel, or click and move up/down.

What happens to you is because you have two nodes at the same time position. This is the reason, why I would prefer to use a switcher (Mute) instead of continuos controller.

So, that was a quick example in one situation where I automated to off, and, obviously, mutes don’t fade very well.

Furthermore, your explanation of the behavior shown doesn’t follow because it doesn’t happen when changing just one node: i.e. I can move one node directly up against but above or below another and it does not impact the other - this only happens when trying to manipulate two or more nodes simultaneously.

At any rate, there is no logical reason why moving automation nodes “should” change the surrounding automation unless intentional, and way back in the dark ages (pre Cubase 7 I think) it didn’t.

I think the others here are misunderstanding the point of what you’re saying for some reason, though it’s very clear to me. I assume it’s this behavior: Some automation points jump if moving others. [CONFIRMED] - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

I reported it as an issue – I recommend responding on that thread so that Steinberg sees this as a very important thing to fix. I agree that it’s a major issue.

Yes, that would be it - although sometimes other weird behavior resulting in parallel fades etc, and it’s been happening longer than 8.5. It’s in 7.5 as well, it just doesn’t happen all the time. If I just draw or enter the nodes, behavior is usually as expected in 7.5, but if you copy and paste some nodes, then try to move the pasted ones, craziness happens.

I really don’t understand why this isn’t considered to be a huge nuisance for a lot of people.

At any rate, thanks for the sanity confirmation!!